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Quality Mattress Cleaning in LondonMattresses are a host for a multitude of unwanted things. An unhygienic mattress is a big cause of health problems such as skin irritations, allergies, parasites and others. Cleaning the surface you sleep on is a good idea, but it is hard to do by hand. Most mattress cleaning methods will not clean well, cause damage to the mattress or leave hazardous substances.

With a professional mattress cleaning service by a reliable company you save yourself the risk and hassle. The combination of knowledge, experience and specialized equipment provides high quality fast, easy, and cheap! Professional cleaners use mattress cleaning methods to remove all those unwanted substances. This leaves your mattress fresh and healthy. So, if you want to clean your mattress – call One Carpet Cleaners for the best results!

How Do We Clean a Mattress?

Professional mattress cleaning is actually a simple and straightforward process. With the use of task-specific equipment, we do it with efficiency and to a high standard. It takes very little time and can even be done without removing the mattress from the bed. This makes mattress cleaning a very convenient service. All you realistically have to do is to remove your sheets.

The process itself starts when our expert cleaners arrive and inspect the material of your mattress. They do this to calculate the optimal mix of detergents, temperature of the water and any necessary pre-treatment. This ensures that your mattress will be as clean as possible with no damage. Afterwards, the cleaners load the water and detergents into a state-of-the-art hot water extraction machine. Then, they run it over your mattress with diligence.

What the machine does is that it uses high pressure to spray water and detergents and then uses vacuum to suck it back out. Since the mix binds with all those unwanted substances, they also get sucked out. In the end, your clean mattress will just need a few hours of drying and it will be clean and ready to use.

Why Choose One Carpet Cleaners for This Service?

  • London Exceptional Mattress CleanersOur mattress cleaners are certified experts in this service. All our employees go through thorough training to ensure that they can provide the highest quality cleaning possible.
  • Our equipment is state of the art and specific for the task at hand. For mattress cleaning, we use Prochem certified machines and detergents. This ensures high levels of hygiene and freshness. With this equipment, your mattress will be as good as new!
  • The services are reliable. We perform regular quality controls. The high quality of our mattress cleaning services is important to us. You won’t have to worry if our cleaners will do a good job or not.
  • Our services are available to you at your convenience. You can use our 24/7 phone lines or the online booking form to schedule services. You can also use them for further information or to receive a no-obligations price estimate for your mattress. We do same-day appointments and emergency services too!
  • Our cleaners are thoroughly vetted and have full insurance. The safety of your home, your belongings and yourself is in our care. Our cleaners are trustworthy and respectful of you and your property.
  • Our rates are competitive. We believe that a professional cleanliness standard can be achieved at affordable prices. Even better, you can receive a discount for multiple services. For instance, you could get a certain percentage off your final price if you book curtain cleaning along with mattress cleaning.
  • You get a free price estimate with no obligations! For this, you can call our phone representatives or use the booking form provided here. Don’t forget to ask about our discounts, like combined mattress cleaning and upholstery cleaning services!
  • We have a Guaranteed Moneyback Policy

For Mattress Cleaning in London – Call Us Today!

Give us a call on our 24/7 phone lines at – 020 3868 1339 – at any time convenient for you! Our friendly phone representatives will help handle all your booking or information requests. If it is more convenient for you, there is also an online booking form. You can use it to schedule our services or ask for further information. If you’re looking for professional mattress cleaning – One Carpet Cleaners are an obvious choice!

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