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Steam Curtain Cleaning LondonDrapes and curtains tend to absorb many things. Those include dust, mould, finger grease, different kinds of stains, cigarette smoke and all sorts of odours, especially the smell of cooking. In time, they become a host for mites, allergens and even more unpleasant things. With age, the quality of their colour diminishes, so they start to look cheaper and worn. They also start to negatively affect the overall air quality of your home.

All of this can be fixed! Booking our licensed cleaners will have a very positive effect on the overall hygiene of your home! It will drastically improve the air quality and the appearance of the place. It will also remove all those health hazards listed above, such as mould, allergens and mites among others. Your clean curtains will look as good as new and the whole room will be refreshed.

How Curtain Cleaning is Done:

  • Blinds Cleaning Services LondonA curtain cleaning professional arrives at the scheduled time and begins by inspecting your drapes to determine the fabric type. This is done to avoid damage and ensure the highest quality cleaning possible.
  • He picks the optimal detergents, according to the type of your fabric, as to ensure that your curtains keep their colour and are not damaged. One Carpet Cleaners uses non-toxic and eco friendly cleaning solutions.
  • The expert inspects all spots, patches and stains and applies the optimal treatment to each one. Each stain is treated with specialized detergents, which we supply.
  • With the use of specialized hot water extraction equipment, the curtain cleaners extract everything, including detergents from your drapes. The machine uses high pressure to spray the optimal detergent and water mix on your curtains, after that it sucks it back up, along with all the unwanted substances.
  • Deodorizing is the final step of the process. It is done to keep your curtains clean and fresh. It also improves the overall air quality of the room.
  • Drying is quick, since almost all of the moisture has been removed. After all this is done, your curtains will be as clean as possible. Their colour is restored, making the whole room seem more vivid. Most likely, you will experience a significant reduction in dust and odours.

Benefits When Choosing One Carpet Cleaners:

  • London Drapery Cleaning ServicesTrained Experts: Our staff go through thorough training processes to ensure that they are qualified for the task at hand. The cleaning experts know the many kinds of curtains and drapery, so they know how to clean it without damage. They are experienced professionals who have the know-how and skills to achieve high cleanliness standards;
  • High Quality Equipment: We provide our staff with cutting edge equipment and the best detergents possible to ensure the best results possible. We use specialized equipment for the curtain cleaning, sofa cleaning and mattress cleaning services;
  • Trustworthy Staff: Our staff are thoroughly vetted and fully insured. They are trustworthy and friendly individuals who will treat you and your home with respect;
  • Reliable Services: We perform regular quality checks. You can be sure that you will have the best results with this curtain cleaning service;
  • Reclean and Refund Policy: Even though it’s a rare occasion – unsatisfied customers will get a free reclean. And if that does not manage to stand up to the expectation and requirements of the customer – we will do a full refund for the service.
  • Availability of Services: You can call our 24/7 phone lines whenever you like. Our phone representatives will help you schedule the services you need and give you any further information you request. You can schedule same-day services and emergency appointments too;
  • Affordable Rates: You are offered competitive prices for all our services. We believe in affordable pricing with no compromise in quality. You also get discounts for combinations with our other offers, such as carpet or mattress cleaners;
  • No-obligation Price Estimates: Just call us or use the booking form to get a free quote for any service you like.

Call One Carpet Cleaners Today! When you want to clean your curtains – call us! You can reach our phone representatives 24/7 at – 020 3868 1339 – . You can also submit our booking form to receive any additional information you require or for a no-obligations price estimate. For expert curtain cleaning services – make One Carpet Cleaners your choice!

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